Sergei Smalkov
Product Manager
Project Management
Waterfall, Agile
Y.Metrika, G.Analytics, SQL, R
Software Development
Web, Mobile
Information Security
Policies, Risk Management
Unit, Business Model, Product Market fit
Blockchain DLT
Languages and Interpritation
HandsON Cases at
Product University
AI/ML Product Idea
You are an AI/ML seasoned professional of a large web portal. Suggest new product with AI for one of the portal services.
Original texts preprocessing by hemingway score for better machine translation
Applicable to: Yandex.Translator, Google Translate

The quality of algorithmic translations depends on the source material. Complex & vague texts are expected to result in mediocre translations. The only way now is to hire a human translator.
Instead of improving translation algorithms we could simplify the source texts with AI trained to adhere to the so cold hemingway standard. The ultimate result is better texts in both languages. More (rus)
Product Idea for HH.RU (Monsters)
You are a manager of an established job-portal (, Monsters). Suggest new product.
Search Teams instead of single employees
First manual compile teams for given projects, then gradually automate the process.
Now this job is done by an internal or external HR not always seasoned in every field and all the skills the team should have. First stage could be ready-to-employ SCRUM DEV teams paid for every suggested team.
for Russian Market
Transfer successful business model to the local market
Slide Deck Data Market Valuation Interviews
Design a product for frequent business flyers
Slide Deck Interviews Design Specification
TakeAway Preorders App

Problem - "Low order conversion "
Broken business model. Low if not zero value for the target audience. Small reachable market share. Vulnerable to big Established players in FoodTech.
Suggestion: get access to GetFood's analytics and team to redesign the product and find another product market fit.
Slide Dec Data Market Valuation Product hypotheses


Original product Bla Bla Speak - Uber for interpreters
Problems: No users without interpreters, no interpreters without users, Reach profitability by the end of the year.

The case owner decided not to participate in the work

Conclusion: original idea of commodity interpretations won't stand against google translate
The app had launched in 2018 and was closed with no traction and proven value to the users. There had been 10+ similar apps closed since 2016 г. The only survivors are nishe apps with hardware for doctors. There is untaken niches for layers (courts) business negotiators. For more every day on demand translations Google does the job for free. However, the on-demand translations is still in its infancy.

Hypothesys:remote interpreters may be on demand in B2B
Research showed unfair advantage of the apps partnering university. Monopoly and acmes to the best in class experienced interpreters.
Why I may have always (almost) been a Product Manager
Looking back at the working experience now, I can tell, that I have always been a self taught product manager in heart, cashing on the intuition and skills like Customer Development/Lean StartUP, Unit Analysis, Cost&profit, Lean, with MVPs long before I learned the names. It seemed common sense then (and it is even more "commonsensly" now).

Like in 2008 I was driving to the dedicated rural areas with no ground telephone and internet line yet well-off enough to pay for the construction of the wireless lines and for the services themselves. Evaluated them from the google maps by the roofs. Alone I found local authorities, negotiated with them, went to every door in the area, asked questions, many. I designed the contract and again went to every door offering the PRODUCT. People wanted to pay right then beforehand (hello MVP and product market fit). I calculated the budget, the scope, the pricing (hello unit economics). Brought constructor, partners, solutions. All in the name of the company just for giving me the opportunity to do more than a techs job.

No one asked for this extra since I was in the systems administrator role. Then every employer I worked for for longer than a couple of months would let me try follow the hunch, with the rest we parted soon after.
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